Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August Update

WOW!!! Since APRIL???? I haven't posted on here since APRIL?!?! OPPS! Life happens I guess! Although its not a recap of the entire summer, here are some pics of the little cuties in August!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010

Oh the joys it is to have two little ones! I am definitely not used to saying "the girls" or "my girls" yet! It sounds weird to think I have two..and two girls at that, but we love the little munchkins to death...even though #2 is quite the handful!!!

Elaina has really taken on a whole new look lately. I used to think she looked like Bella, but now...not so sure! It might just be the super round face, chubby cheeks, and LOADS of dark hair, but she is definitely looking quite different than Bella did at this age. I have been meaning still to post some pics of Bella at this stage and will do in order to compare, but the more Elaina grows, the more I think they look nothing alike! We'll see! I might surprise myself after I have side by sides posted!

Here are some pictures from Easter 2010, a visit from my sister, and some other 'round the house randoms! ENJOY!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Elaina Faye

So a little lazy on the blog lately, but here are a few pics of little Elaina for you all to enjoy until the next time I have time or energy to write an update on our baby girls! The last one is a video of Bella and Pawpaw. Enjoy!

As soon as I get a chance, I'll add a few side by side pics of the two munchkins so you can all answer for yourselves the question I get DAILY...does Lainy look like Bella?!

Stay tuned and you be the judge!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hide n Go Seek

Bella often sprints around the house and hides from us! Its amazing the little tiny areas she can fit and squeeze herself into! No spot is left unturned as you can see by the video below!

You may need to click on the picture below and go to our Picasa site to view the video. There are 10 others on there too if you need a Bella fix!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pregnancy Comparison and Quiz

Okay, we are in the final weeks before Baby S #2 debuts, so I thought I'd post some comparison photos from when I was pregnant with Bella and open up a new quiz to determine if you all think #2 will be a boy or a girl. Remember, more than 68% of you said #1 was a boy and it was a baby girl, so answer wisely!! :0)

Here are a few other details to help you in your guessing perhaps:

1. As far as the overall pregnancy is concerned, both pregnancies have been VERY similar.

2. Baby S #2 moves and kicks much more frequently and rapidly than Baby #1 did. Baby 1 had hard, slow, forceful kicks. Baby 2 is a rapid fire kicker.

3. Baby S #1 lodged self up under Mommy's ribs. BAby 2 stays lower and belts in on Mommy's bladder!

4. I had no cravings really with either pregnancy, but with Baby 1 I loved to eat meat, potatoes or anything that I could dip something else in. With Baby 2, I have a tad bit of a sweet tooth, but nothing out of the ordinary. I drink a TON more water, though!

5. I don't remember being as uncomfortable sitting with Baby #1 for long periods of time at my desk as I do with Baby #2.

6. Baby S #1's heartrate was always between 146-148 at all appointments until we were in the hospital when it went up to 156 the whole time. Baby S #2's heart rate was 128 at the first appointment, 170 at the second, and then has been anywhere between 142-148 for the rest of the appointments, mostly settling around 145/6.

Okay, there you go! Hope that helps you as you decide! Vote on the poll in the right hand column!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Bella Photos 2009

Okay, so quite proud of myself for having 2 posts in the same week! Here are the pics I promised, Family!!! Hope you enjoy our little cutie as much as we do! Soooo much much character!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving in Oklahoma

Every other year, we travel to the alternating family for vacation. This year was off to Oklahoma for a week with Chris' Family. We arrived on Nov 21st and stayed till the 28th. Chris always thoroughly enjoys stomping around on his home the woods of course! Although he chose not to hunt for deer this year due to the outrageous price for tags and license, he was able to go out and hunt for wild hog.

Kelly enjoyed her time catching up on sleep while grandparents took care of Bella! Bella, well, she just enjoyed being the center of attention with family and all googling all over her!

Here are some pictures of our time in Oklahoma and a video or two of when we returned home to AZ.


1. How are you feeling, Kelly? GREAT! Same as last pregnancy. All is going well and I feel fine. Baby moves way different than Bella did, so enjoy experiencing the variety! Thank you Baby S #2 for staying away from lodging under Mommy's ribs. Now, if you'd avoid the bladder area...I'd be so grateful!)

2. When are you due again? Well, we are giving a range since Bella came so early and doc says there is a chance this one will, too! So, although our TECHNICAL due date isn't until Feb 19th, we are thinking more like 6-9 weeks! Hard to believe, I know, but in just 6 more weeks... that's when Bella made her debut, so we'll see!!

3. Do you have names picked out? Yep. With Bella we had two girl names and one boy, so seeing how we had a girl, we still have one girl name and one boy name on the docket! Come up with new ones weekly, but there are still two front runners! Not really keeping it a secret, but just not posting either! HA!

4. What is Bella up to these days? Gosh, EVERYTHING! She finally decided to walk so that has been a real adventure. It's weird seeing a little shadow following you around EVERYWHERE! She took steps at 13 months old and would from time to time, but was just rather lazy since her crawling ability was so superb! So, after seeing the doc at her 15 month appointment, she decided the next day that should would just start walking....and she hasn't looked back! She scampers off pretty quickly, and usually its heading back down the hall way to Mommy and Daddy's room. She still sleeps great, eats awesome, and is a very happy pleasant little one. She smiles and laughs and TALKS all day long. We are still trying to figure out who she takes after with all the JABBER! Seriously, the other day, it was over 15-20 minutes of NON-STOP jabbering. It had us rolling on the floor in laughter! She just talks all day long!

5. What are Bella's favorite things now? Mommy's hair, sniffing candles, putting mommy's chapstick in to various containers, plastic bags, paper (yes, still LOVES shredding paper), any type of container that she can put things in to, Daddy's shoes, kitchen cabinets, golf balls, her shoes, and her new found love for the motion sensored trash can. Yeah, that one has been REAL fun! We have found pens, toys, sippy cups, clothes, and mommy's work papers in the trash can from time to time among a list of other items!

6. Are you planning to still work after Baby #2? Well, that's the plan for now! We'll see how it all goes and what Baby #2 is like! Most likely I'll have the same schedule, though, with all afternoons being from home since Bella still sleeps 3-4 hours in the afternoon. More TBD! I would love to do just parttime at some point since I love what I get to do, but would also love more time with my kiddos! Please join us in praying for God's will and our following in this!

7. How is Chris? He is doing GREAT! However, I think the realization that #2 is coming so quickly is finally setting in! He has gone haywire on house projects and baby dresser restoration! :0) He is taking photos for all shorts of folks and enjoys being Daddy to his little princess...who may I add ADORES him! What can I say? Girl has good taste! :0)

8. How long will you take off after Baby is born? Still TBD, but most likely only about 8 weeks since I don't want to use up all my vacation time that early on in the year. Will all depend on Baby #2's personality, when he/she arrives, and how much sick time I have saved!

9. Are you guys hoping for one sex over the other? In all honesty, I can say NOPE! On one hand, I would LOVE a little boy and would be THRILLED if I had one. On the other hand, with this baby being so close in age to Bella, I would LOVE for Bella to have a SISTER! I have 2 sisters close in age and LOVED it growing up and especially now! I know Bella would years to come! So, with that being said, I can't wait for the little one to arrive and to see what little bundle God has in store for us! Chris, too, would really like to have a little man in the house to even the scores, but his 1st little princess has captured his heart, so he's ready to spoil another little lady if the chance presents itself!

As far as clothing is concerned, the girls would be off season from each other, so I'd have to start over with lots of new items anyway! (minus some donations from Cousin Hailey who was also a Feb baby!)

10. What are you guys doing for Christmas? We will be enjoying the sunny, but most likely brisk AZ weather as a family. We are both participating in the Christmas Eve services this year as modern day Mary and Joseph narrators (go figure!...must be the belly that helps make me Mary!). We also hope to spend time on christmas Eve with a close friends at their party. Christmas Day will be just the 3 of us, but on the 27th, my mom and sister fly out to stay with us until the 31st. We are thoroughly looking forward to that!!!

And since I am on a roll today, be ready for some Christmas photos coming tonight or tomorrow! :0)