Sunday, March 22, 2009

Marvel at the Gift

Children really are a treasure from the Lord! We are reminded each morning when we wake our little Bella Boo!
Just 7 1/2 months ago, Bella was not yet known to us whether she would be a little baby boy or a little baby girl whether she would look like Daddy or look like Mommy, if her eyes would be blue or green, lots of hair, no hair and so on. Now, looking back over the last almost 8 months, we are just amazed at the precious, sweet baby God had decided to entrust to us here on earth!
As we do our best to capture each moment, each new milestone, we marvel at the precious gift of life...our Isabella Rose.

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Bella trying to eat some finger foods. She is getting better and better. Again, she is quite the loud little eater...or muncher should I say! She doesn't even need to have something actually MAKE her mouth to show her delight!

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(if you want to watch the videos embedded into the slideshow, click on the picture and it will take you to our picasa site)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lovin' our Little Bella

Okay, so DESPITE the fact that Isabella has decided for no apparent reason the past two nights to start waking us up several times throughout the night when she has been sleeping through the night since 7 weeks of age, we are still just LOVIN' our little Bella Boo!

Seriously, I am just CRAZY about this child! I am not going to make any disclaimers about me being her mom and having to say this or being bias or anything like that, but DANG....this little one is the happiest, sweetest, most lovable little GEM ever! I am so in love with her! There are so many things that just light up my face when I think about her. She has her Daddy's looks through and through, lots of Mommy's personality (the good qualities only I hope!), and a bit of determination and a slight stubbornness that make Chris and I just roll over laughing! We can sit and watch her jump in her jumpster, eat her carrots, sit upright in the middle of the floor playing, sleeping, it doesn't matter....all day long! She entertains us to no end and I KNOW lots of you mommies out there can say the same when you think of your own little kiddos! What fun!
My favorite thing probably is seeing her face when I go and pick her up from the sitter's after work, see her first thing in the morning, get her up from her nap, or watch her interact with her Daddy. All these things just MELT my heart!

I couldn't help but post a few new photos of our little darling for ya! This will make family happy too since I don't post as often as I used to! Enjoy for now!

I'm heading to bed....just in case Bella decides to make it THREE nights in a row...

Bella with her buddy, Lincoln. They had fun playing on the blanket together.

Bella hasn't really had to have a bottle too often expect once during the day when I am at work, but she is really trying to learn to hold it on her own. She usually does really well too! Perhaps if Mommy bought slightly smaller, thinner bottles, this chore wouldn't be so hard! Guess we're just trying to build up those muscles early to ward off the little men!

Mommy likes to put random hats on me while going through the store! Don't worry people...I don't have hair yet to pass on lice!

This is Bella with her Buddy, Kyndal. Bella had her first overnighter, slumber party with Kyndal at the end of February/beginning of March while Chris and I were at a resort here in Arizona. Our dear friend, Nicole, volunteered to give us the night free and take Bella for the night. As luck would have it, Chris and I ended up both getting sick that night and sounded oh so stuffy and congested, so even though we could have had a long nice evening out...we wound up in bed, falling asleep to a movie before 10!

Bonjour my fellow bloggers! J'mappelle Isabella! Cousin Hailey gave me this hand me down outfit and I just love it! Everyone at church thought I was so darn cute! The hat made the outfit for sure and every one called me Frenchie! No, Daddy, it wasn't for any other reason but that I had this hat on! Don't worry...although I do like to give open mouth kisses...its just that I don't know any better yet!

Bella LOVES to sing in the car when I have the radio on! I turned it off for a moment and she didn't say a word, but then I turned it on, reached back (while driving, so bear with the horrible shot), and captured her jabbery little self singing along!

And we'll leave you with this video of our VERY ENTHUSIASTIC EATER! Someone asked if she ate this enthusiastically all the time..and the answer to that is YES! She opens her mouth super wide and dive bombs to the spoon on every bite! ENJOY!