Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Suprising Hailey and Tasting Carrots

Been a bit since I've posted here...could be cause my sister coherced me into signing up for face book and its been too crazy to think about the blog! However, after being once again reprimended from a certain someone (you know how you are!) Here is an update from the past few weeks!

Bella and I flew out to Ohio for a quick weekend on some saved up miles I had that were going to expire and surprised my family for my little neice, Hailey's, first birthday! Traci and I did this for Travis' 1st birthday, but we weren't sure if we were going ot be able to pull it off for Hailey's, however, expiring airline miles came to the rescue! David (my brother) and sister-in-law Steph came and picked us up at the airport about 12:30am! Traci flew into Cleveland and Bella and I flew into Canton/Akron, so we had to wait a bit till our rides made it back from Cleveland to get us. We stayed at David and Steph's house that night (well, really morning since we didn't go to bed till almost 2!), had breakfast with them and then decided to go surprise Lori first!

When we got to her house, David and Steph took Bella to the front door in the box you see below with tissue paper surrounding her. They rang the door bell and then moved out of the way, so only Bella was there waiting. My brother-in-law, Andrew, peeked out the door and yelled for Lori to come get the door as he saw it was Bella. Lori peeked first and saw the box and thought the delivery guy had opened her package, as I told her to expect a present from Bella to Hailey to arrive Saturday morning. She didn't even realize it was a live baby inside until she opened the door and saw Bella smiling up at her (we are guessing that she was smiling cause that's what she does best, but with as cold as it was, she might have been just been in a frozen shock!). Traci and I then came around the corner driving the car. Having bought mom and dad a web cam for Christmas and then buying all the kids one so they can all see us in AZ and TN, we had Lori go up, call my folks by webcam, and have Bella sitting on her lap! Dad was the closest to the camera, so he saw Lori first. In classic Dad fashion, he goes, "Um, so what are you guys up to? (Lori inserted a comment here about her arms being full and dad continued) "Hum, well that looks like Bella on your lap." Mom came flying up to the camera of course to say hi and within just a short time later they were over at Lori's..go figure!

Aside from Hailey being sick on her first Tinkerbell Birthday party, the weekend was wonderful! Bella saw her first snow (although it was only a light flurry for the most part and nothing really stuck) and she got ample time once again with Mammaw, Pawpaw, Aunts and Uncles, and of course her favorite two cousins!

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Hailey's Party

Last week, we decided to start Bella on some veggies. Having a plethora of carrots in the frig, we decided this would be the first one. I need not say another word about the first experience...the video tells all!

I do enjoy my carrots now...just took me a bit to get use to them!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

6 Months Old and growing like a weed...

Bella had her 6 month appointment today and loved every minute of it...well, almost every moment! She didn't like being poked very much, but other than that, she was pretty darn happy!

Here are her measurements for the latest check-up:
Height: 26 1/2 inches (75%)
Weight: 15 lbs 7 oz (25-50%)
HC: 16 1/2 inches (25-50%)

We have NO CLUE how Bella managed to jump to the 75th % in height with us as parents, but we decided to let her enjoy this moment while it lasts....because, sorry to break it to ya Baby Girl...height is not our families' friend!

My Favorite Doc, Dr. Kanagal!

Here are some other photos from the week that I just couldn't help but post! Enjoy!

Bella thinks she is really hot stuff when Daddy puts her in the Baby Bjourn. She can barely contain her excitement sometimes and just kicks and kicks, and wiggles, and smiles!

She loves falling asleep on Daddy while he watches some TV.

And she loves cuddling with mommy in a sling while mommy works!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Daddy, you hurt my Heart"

Okay, so Bella can't talk yet, but if she could, she'd say something like the header above when Daddy scared her last week. It was so sad, but the facial expressions and the little whimpers are so precious we just had to post them!

Chris was lying on the couch with his knees bent up for Bella to lay against. He raised his head and scared her with some sound he made. She didn't really cry a ton, but she did keep giving him this face over and over. I had time to get it on camera and video, so you can get the idea of how long she kept it up for! It was rather heart-breaking...although we must admit...we couldn't contain our laughter at the little lower lip and the sniffle sounds (Listen closely)!

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