Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random pics to satisfy the family cravings!

Well, to keep my family from writing me off as their child/sibling due to my LACK to post pictures of "their little baby" :0) here are some random pics from the last week!

Bella's new thing this week is to be standing up in her crib after her naps and every time in the morning. I was a little surprised to see her on Tuesday like this when I went it! Normally she had been sitting up, but now she's all about the standing. Already lowered the crib once. Looks like we'll have to go do the bottom rung now! :0) Such a big girl! I can't believe it!

Chris dressed her in this little dress from Aunt Traci on Tuesday, so I had to throw on the matching hat for a few pics outside! Um...can we say...FREAKIN' ADORABLE! :0)

Bella loves watermelon. Our friends gave us this little contraption so you can stick the fruit inside and she can suck all the juice and all out of it. Keeps them from choking...which I will say is NOT fun to see your baby do! Tried it as finger foods yesterday as I thought she might be, yeah...good thing mommy knows the way to force food back out of a baby who is completely red in the face due to a closed off throat. NOT FUN! Was quite scary, but Bella didn't seem phased after the water melon was removed...and they were TINY pieces. Guess 10 tiny pieces without swallowing builds up. I'll stick with the cool sucker netting thing here for a while!

These were her 9 month progress photos. She still loves to smile, but she liked to THROW the doggie instead of letting it sit besider her on the blanket.

Saying her night time prayers!

Bella's first pool experience! Thanks, Mammaw and Pawpaw for the Christmas present! I'm sure cousins, Hailey and Travis, will be joining me in it soon in June!

My first D-backs game! I even slept an hour+ in mommy's sling throughout all the noise! So glad to wake and realize we pulled off a GREAT win! Oh, and a side note...even in all of this pink...I was still called a boy! DON'T GET IT!!

This is me and my friend, Cole. We were playing in the play pen while our mommies and daddies chatted!

The video was of us singing to a song presented on Idol. She LOVES when mommy dances and makes a fool of herself! Not hard to do, we know! :0) ENJOY!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy 5 year Anniversary, Christopher!

To the most incredible, gifted, talented, smart, witty, humorous, courageous, strong, Godly, supportive, loving husband in the WORLD! I love you so very much! Thank you for 5 wonderful years of marriage to date and, Lord willing, many, many more to come!

May 22, 2004

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Almost 9 Months and Seminary Graduation

Man, o Man! Has it really been almost 4 weeks since we last posted! GOSH! Where does the time go?!?!

This past month has been fairly busy, but there have been many times of relaxation as well! A normal day in the Shondelmyer home consists of Chris and Kelly working all day, coming home in the evenings, feeding Bella, cleaning up the house, playing with Bella, doing some kind of random house project, having dinner with friends, or whatever else comes our way! Bella has adjusted to our often inconsistent lifestyle very well! She goes with the flow and seems to enjoy the social events and outings that we often go on! She is one social baby, that's for sure! She LOVES being around people!

So, speaking of our favorite subject, what has Bella been up to lately? Well, she has her two (lower) front teeth, so she doesn't need to pray for that for Christmas now! This week, she has been a tad bit irritable, so we know more are about to break through! She doesn't really crawl on all fours persay, but that child can get to what she wants to without one bit of a problem! She does more of a rock on all fours and throw herself forward type of crawl/lunge! It's pretty funny to watch! Overall, she seems to really be enjoying the new skill she's developing and likes to explore all parts of the floor, carpet, lights, cords, fuzz balls, etc.

She will be 9 months old on Sunday! HOLY COW!!! Although we will still have to admit she is the easiest baby ever...she has been going through a bit of a challenging phase this past month....SEPARATION ANXIETY from MOMMY! She used to be fine with anyone at any time, and for the most part, she is...UNLESS....mommy enters the room and then...OH MY! Look out! (Mommy loves that Bella loves her to death and wants her all the time...but even mommy needs a break once in a while!) We are hoping that the separation anxiety doesn't result into her crying when dropped off at the nursery and all, and so far we have been lucky on that end!

Aside from that, Bella just brings us so much joy and laughter! Her faces, her expressions, her sounds...oh...and those IRRESTIBLE BIG OLE BRIGHT eyes, just melt our hearts!

Here is what she have been up to in the last few weeks! Mommy has been taking lots of pictures of her,just alittle slow on posting them! So, enjoy them until the next batch comes!

(There are some videos embedded in the slideshow, so go to our picasa site and check them out!)

We are official Seminary Grads! Here is a look at some of our grad photos from this past weekend. Just one more thing we've been up to this past month!

Oh, and for those that wondered about our last quiz...the answer was "Mommy, have you SEEN her gag reflux!" Let us know how you did!! New quiz to come up soon!