Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Bella Photos 2009

Okay, so quite proud of myself for having 2 posts in the same week! Here are the pics I promised, Family!!! Hope you enjoy our little cutie as much as we do! Soooo much much character!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving in Oklahoma

Every other year, we travel to the alternating family for vacation. This year was off to Oklahoma for a week with Chris' Family. We arrived on Nov 21st and stayed till the 28th. Chris always thoroughly enjoys stomping around on his home the woods of course! Although he chose not to hunt for deer this year due to the outrageous price for tags and license, he was able to go out and hunt for wild hog.

Kelly enjoyed her time catching up on sleep while grandparents took care of Bella! Bella, well, she just enjoyed being the center of attention with family and all googling all over her!

Here are some pictures of our time in Oklahoma and a video or two of when we returned home to AZ.


1. How are you feeling, Kelly? GREAT! Same as last pregnancy. All is going well and I feel fine. Baby moves way different than Bella did, so enjoy experiencing the variety! Thank you Baby S #2 for staying away from lodging under Mommy's ribs. Now, if you'd avoid the bladder area...I'd be so grateful!)

2. When are you due again? Well, we are giving a range since Bella came so early and doc says there is a chance this one will, too! So, although our TECHNICAL due date isn't until Feb 19th, we are thinking more like 6-9 weeks! Hard to believe, I know, but in just 6 more weeks... that's when Bella made her debut, so we'll see!!

3. Do you have names picked out? Yep. With Bella we had two girl names and one boy, so seeing how we had a girl, we still have one girl name and one boy name on the docket! Come up with new ones weekly, but there are still two front runners! Not really keeping it a secret, but just not posting either! HA!

4. What is Bella up to these days? Gosh, EVERYTHING! She finally decided to walk so that has been a real adventure. It's weird seeing a little shadow following you around EVERYWHERE! She took steps at 13 months old and would from time to time, but was just rather lazy since her crawling ability was so superb! So, after seeing the doc at her 15 month appointment, she decided the next day that should would just start walking....and she hasn't looked back! She scampers off pretty quickly, and usually its heading back down the hall way to Mommy and Daddy's room. She still sleeps great, eats awesome, and is a very happy pleasant little one. She smiles and laughs and TALKS all day long. We are still trying to figure out who she takes after with all the JABBER! Seriously, the other day, it was over 15-20 minutes of NON-STOP jabbering. It had us rolling on the floor in laughter! She just talks all day long!

5. What are Bella's favorite things now? Mommy's hair, sniffing candles, putting mommy's chapstick in to various containers, plastic bags, paper (yes, still LOVES shredding paper), any type of container that she can put things in to, Daddy's shoes, kitchen cabinets, golf balls, her shoes, and her new found love for the motion sensored trash can. Yeah, that one has been REAL fun! We have found pens, toys, sippy cups, clothes, and mommy's work papers in the trash can from time to time among a list of other items!

6. Are you planning to still work after Baby #2? Well, that's the plan for now! We'll see how it all goes and what Baby #2 is like! Most likely I'll have the same schedule, though, with all afternoons being from home since Bella still sleeps 3-4 hours in the afternoon. More TBD! I would love to do just parttime at some point since I love what I get to do, but would also love more time with my kiddos! Please join us in praying for God's will and our following in this!

7. How is Chris? He is doing GREAT! However, I think the realization that #2 is coming so quickly is finally setting in! He has gone haywire on house projects and baby dresser restoration! :0) He is taking photos for all shorts of folks and enjoys being Daddy to his little princess...who may I add ADORES him! What can I say? Girl has good taste! :0)

8. How long will you take off after Baby is born? Still TBD, but most likely only about 8 weeks since I don't want to use up all my vacation time that early on in the year. Will all depend on Baby #2's personality, when he/she arrives, and how much sick time I have saved!

9. Are you guys hoping for one sex over the other? In all honesty, I can say NOPE! On one hand, I would LOVE a little boy and would be THRILLED if I had one. On the other hand, with this baby being so close in age to Bella, I would LOVE for Bella to have a SISTER! I have 2 sisters close in age and LOVED it growing up and especially now! I know Bella would years to come! So, with that being said, I can't wait for the little one to arrive and to see what little bundle God has in store for us! Chris, too, would really like to have a little man in the house to even the scores, but his 1st little princess has captured his heart, so he's ready to spoil another little lady if the chance presents itself!

As far as clothing is concerned, the girls would be off season from each other, so I'd have to start over with lots of new items anyway! (minus some donations from Cousin Hailey who was also a Feb baby!)

10. What are you guys doing for Christmas? We will be enjoying the sunny, but most likely brisk AZ weather as a family. We are both participating in the Christmas Eve services this year as modern day Mary and Joseph narrators (go figure!...must be the belly that helps make me Mary!). We also hope to spend time on christmas Eve with a close friends at their party. Christmas Day will be just the 3 of us, but on the 27th, my mom and sister fly out to stay with us until the 31st. We are thoroughly looking forward to that!!!

And since I am on a roll today, be ready for some Christmas photos coming tonight or tomorrow! :0)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Halloween and AZ Fair

Okay, okay, again, running behind on the photos! Here are a few for ya to indulge in of our little cutie for now!
She had a blast at the fair, loved all the lights of the rides, enjoyed the animals and loved the pumpkin patch. WE didn't collect candy since neither Chris or I wanted to eat it, but we did go to a Neighborhood Party and it was a lot of fun to interact with our neighbors!

Friday, September 25, 2009

FAQs and Updates

FAQs in the Months of August and September:

1. Is Bella walking? NOPE! She is close, but not quite ready to go! She has taking a very tiny step forward here or there, but not quite ready to take off on her own just yet. All in her own timing! She'll be walking the rest of her life, so we'll let her decide when she wants to move to that new milestone! She does love to stand in the middle of the room without assistance all the time, so its just a matter of time really!

2. What does Bella like to get into these days? EVERYTHING! She has found new drawers to open (which we are a bit behind on the baby-proofing!), new things to push (TV buttons), has climbed up on the dining room chairs to get something down off the table, loves to get in the pantry where Daddy had to save her from eating the thousands of sprinkles she managed to get in to and open, loves the dishwasher, recycle bin, toilet, trash can, book name it, she has probably discovered it. She also LOVES to talk and jabber. Will be interesting how many words a day this child gets in when we can verbally understand what she is staying!

3. What is Bella's normal schedule like? Well for the most part, she wakes around 7:00am and has some milk in her sippy cup (she is completely off bottles as our Peditrician recommended due to research on tooth decay, etc). She then goes to the sitters Monday, Tuesday, THursday, and Friday, has breakfast around 8-8:30, plays, gets tired around 9:15-9:30, sleeps or blabs to self in crib for 1-1 1/2 hours, wakes and plays some more till lunch at 11:30-noon, plays, sleeps 1-4 (with some crib play time there too if she goes down late or wakes early), milk at 4, plays, dinner at 6, plays, milk and bed at 8pm.

4. Is Bella still a good sleeper and eater? For the most part, YES! She is definitely a good eater all the time although she does let us know if she doesn't like a texture of some foods (picky like her Daddy on that!). Her sleeping has gone through a bit of a change as her morning nap is shortening, but for the most part, she is still pretty good about staying and playing in the crib and then falling asleep when she's ready.

5. What are Bella's favorite things? Well, depends on what time of the day. When Mommy is around, its her, but as soon as Daddy comes in the door from work...its him up till bedtime. However, if we are both around...whoever has food or is doing something that she could potentially destroy...they become her new favorite!

6. Where is Baby #2 going to sleep? Well, for the first part of his/her life, he/she will be in our room while I nurse and wait for the night time hours to stretch a bit. Then, we plan to put up a crib that has GRACIOUSLY been given to us in the guest room with a corner of the room designated for the new baby. THat way, we can keep our extra guest bed for visiting family, etc, and just move baby into our room when people come to stay.

7. Are you finding out the sex of Baby #2? To the disappointment of a few "key" friends, NOPE!!! Sorry! Will have to wait till February!

8. Do you have names picked up? Sortof! Will use the same boy name we had for #1 and are still trying to decide on a girls. New names have come into the mix, so still determining!

9. How are you feeling with the pregnancy? Just dandy! Tired, and this summer a bit hot due to hormonal changes and the AZ heat, but overall, as long as I have a bottle of water on hand, I can manage just about anything!

10. Are you excited to have them so close in age? ABSOLUTELY! I know it won't come without its challenges here and there, but that's the way I grew up (4 kids in 4 years on 3 birthdays with oldest and third having same b-day). Wouldn't have traded it for anything!! Always said I'd love to have them close if the Lord allowed!

11. Most annoying pregnancy comments you get? The worst one I get this time around so far is "good luck on #2 being as good as Bella" or "Get ready, next one is going to be horrible" or "HA, HA, if your first was good, your next is going to be a nightmare." THANK YOU, People, but I'd rather you keep your comments to yourself if you have nothing better to say then discourage an expecting mom!

I'm fully aware that #2 will be different than Bella and for that, we welcome the individuality and the spunk and the new adventures that lie ahead. We would never want to compare our kiddos to each other as all are uniquely gifted and made by God. If the next one is a handful as so many people almost "wish" upon us, then FINE. We'll take him/her just the way they are.

Well, that's about it for the FAQ for now. Hope these videos and photos satisfy a "certain someone" that keeps asking for updates!

From Miscellaneous Bella Photos

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bella's One Year Photos

Here are some photos we just took of Bella as an official One year old!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bella's First Birthday Party

No time to post today, but enjoy the photos!

Monday, July 27, 2009

What have the Shondelmyers been up to anyway?

Hello Folks!
Well, I don't feel THAT bad about the lack of posting seeing how this will be my second one in the month of July! Might be a new record as of late! But thought I'd update ya all on our lives and the fun things Bella Boo has been up to.
Chris and I have been doing well. Chris finished all of his course work for his summer seminary class, so now he is OFFICIALLLY graduated and can now receive his diploma! It has been a huge sigh of relief for him to finish up! Future education to some degree may be in the future, but for now, he will definitely take a year or two off! He continues to work at Family Matters and has a few new things on the horizon that he's trying to pursue, but more about those in months to come as they develop! For now, he is just enjoying being a dad to Isabella! She is certainly the one that pulls at his heart strings! Something about a Daddy and his little girl...ah, its beautiful to see and Chris is one awesome Dad!
I have been busy with work mostly and taking care of Bella...which is my FAVORITE THING each day! I LOVE being a Mommy! I also tend to be the one that plans and schedules all social events and interactions we have, so Yes, I have been keeping our schedule very full (thanks to an incredibly flexible baby and an equally flexible hubby!) Last week we had something every night I think! I try not to overbook my "introverted" husband too often, but sometimes this girl just needs to get out and have people over...okay, the word "sometimes" is probably not accurate...OFTEN might be more appropriate! Regardless, Chris has been a trooper through it all and has really enjoyed catching up with some of our friends we haven't seen in a while. We still have a few more to catch in the next month before school starts up for kiddos and our opportunity slips away! Aside from that, Work has been very busy for me. I have been planning all aspects for our International Missions Festival at work where over 90+ missionary families and individauls will come home for a week in November. All details and planning for travel, logistics, events, and outreach opportunites fall under my direction. I LOVE getting to do this for a job each day! Truly is my passion and the next best thing to traveling and being in each country individually! Oh, and its cheaper too!
Bella, well, she is quite the personality! She has been teething this month and has her top four teeth peering through. She has been a real trooper through most of it, but with four at one time, even this little child has had her tantrum challenges of pain! Bella jabbers constantly! What a chatter box! She must get that from her Daddy, I would say! :0) Bella is still on a pretty consistent routine for the most part, but is very adaptable when I throw a late night at her or change up the plan! Her personality has really been one to just go with the flow, which has been nice for this "on the go" couple! Her normal routine is wake at 6:45am-7:00am (depending on if we sleep in and forget to go get her up!), nurses, has breakfast around 8:00am, goes down around 9:00 or 9:30 and sleeps for 1 1/2-2 hours, wakes at 11:30 for bottle and lunch at noon, then sleeps from 1-4 usually with an occassional 4 hour nap till 5, dinner at 6:30pm, and nurse and bed at 8:00pm. She continues to be an AMAZING EATER! No seriously....I don't think we've been with a set of friends since this child started eating that hasn't made SOME TYPE of comment about her eating ability! I'll have to post a video sometime of our little human vaccuum! It really is a sight to see!
She loves to move around and try and climb all over and up on everything. She has almost gone head first into the tub trying to get up, but thankfully to quick cat like reflexes...we managed to save her! :0) She is a Class A Speed crawler, and THANKFULLY has not decided to start walking yet! She wants to, you can tell as she cruises from furniture to furniture and all around the coffee table on her two little legs, but thankfully she is giving us a break for a little bit longer...which we appreciate because once she said!
In just 14 days our little munckin will be 1 year old! Time has FLOWN by and we can't believe it! We are having a little Princess Party for her on the 8th of August to celebrate the miracle of life that God has entrusted to us! If in town, let us know! Would love to have you around to celebrate her life with us!
Here are some pictures of her I took for her 11 month progress photos (more like 11 1/2 months!) and also a short little video Bella wanted me to share. In a few days, I'll try and post photos of our trip to San Diego and you can see how much Bella LOVED the sand! ENJOY!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bella Lately

We are inching closer to the 1 year mark and it blows me away at how much this little one is growing, developing, and becoming more and more a joy to Mommy and Daddy daily. She continues to light up our lives with her smile, her laughter, her little antics, and her blossoming personality.

What's new with Bella today? Well, Bella now has 4 teeth, crawls faster than we can keep up, pulls herself up on EVERYTHING, eats EVERYTHING, sleeps incredibly, smiles often, and yes, its true...has learned to be mischevious! That child KNOWS when she is not supposed to touch something, but proceeds to anyway. She'll glance back at ya like, "I know you are going to try and stop me, but let's just see how far I can get!" type of look! I knew the hardest thing for me as a parent would be this discipline part. I can't help but CRACK UP when she gives me those little faces and smirks at me when I tell her no! I have always had a hard time keeping in my laughter when friends would discipline their little ones and they'd make cute faces, or funny remarks, so I KNEW I'd be in for a heap of trouble! No doubt it will get easier as the antics keep up, but for now, I find myself turning my head ALOT to cover up! Chris and I have little comments we make that don't help either! I often say, "Bella, make wise choices!" when she is going towards something she knows she should not be touching and Chris opts for "you little sinner" remark! All in good fun of course!

Bella got to see her cousins this month as well as her Pawpaw and Mammaw Warner and Aunt Lori over July 4th weekend. She had a ball with them. Pictures to come soon, but for now....

Here are some 10 Month Photos of our little Bella Rose!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stairs and Binky

Thanks to Aunt Traci who taught me over Memorial Day while in Colorado for Mommy and Daddy's 5th anniversary, I now know how to climb stairs! Here are a few of my friends (my own personal fan club, really) to cheer me on!!! I was a bit startled by their excitment for me, but loved it anyway!

Here are a few pics from this last week. Mommy just can't keep the camera off of me! She thinks I am growing so fast and obviously doesn't want to miss a moment! Here I am being a bit mischevious! I crawled back to my room while mommy was folding laundry in her room and this is where and how she found me. I actually JUST crawled out from under neath the lamp shelf behind me! Yep, I was all the way underneath it! Mommy thought it was so funny seeing me sit there, but I had already crawled out by the time she came back with the camera!

My church buddies (Sonni and Ricki Larson and Ada, Nica, and Evelyn Johnson)

This is me in a big person pool for the very first time. I LOVED it! It was late in the evening, but I didn't seem to mind the cooler temp nor the dark sky! Daddy got a kick out of me acting like a dolphin in the water!

Drying off with Mommy!

And last, but not is a video hot off the press as of a few hours ago! I love my binky so much that I'll retrieve it no matter WHERE it is found! :0)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random pics to satisfy the family cravings!

Well, to keep my family from writing me off as their child/sibling due to my LACK to post pictures of "their little baby" :0) here are some random pics from the last week!

Bella's new thing this week is to be standing up in her crib after her naps and every time in the morning. I was a little surprised to see her on Tuesday like this when I went it! Normally she had been sitting up, but now she's all about the standing. Already lowered the crib once. Looks like we'll have to go do the bottom rung now! :0) Such a big girl! I can't believe it!

Chris dressed her in this little dress from Aunt Traci on Tuesday, so I had to throw on the matching hat for a few pics outside! Um...can we say...FREAKIN' ADORABLE! :0)

Bella loves watermelon. Our friends gave us this little contraption so you can stick the fruit inside and she can suck all the juice and all out of it. Keeps them from choking...which I will say is NOT fun to see your baby do! Tried it as finger foods yesterday as I thought she might be, yeah...good thing mommy knows the way to force food back out of a baby who is completely red in the face due to a closed off throat. NOT FUN! Was quite scary, but Bella didn't seem phased after the water melon was removed...and they were TINY pieces. Guess 10 tiny pieces without swallowing builds up. I'll stick with the cool sucker netting thing here for a while!

These were her 9 month progress photos. She still loves to smile, but she liked to THROW the doggie instead of letting it sit besider her on the blanket.

Saying her night time prayers!

Bella's first pool experience! Thanks, Mammaw and Pawpaw for the Christmas present! I'm sure cousins, Hailey and Travis, will be joining me in it soon in June!

My first D-backs game! I even slept an hour+ in mommy's sling throughout all the noise! So glad to wake and realize we pulled off a GREAT win! Oh, and a side note...even in all of this pink...I was still called a boy! DON'T GET IT!!

This is me and my friend, Cole. We were playing in the play pen while our mommies and daddies chatted!

The video was of us singing to a song presented on Idol. She LOVES when mommy dances and makes a fool of herself! Not hard to do, we know! :0) ENJOY!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy 5 year Anniversary, Christopher!

To the most incredible, gifted, talented, smart, witty, humorous, courageous, strong, Godly, supportive, loving husband in the WORLD! I love you so very much! Thank you for 5 wonderful years of marriage to date and, Lord willing, many, many more to come!

May 22, 2004

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Almost 9 Months and Seminary Graduation

Man, o Man! Has it really been almost 4 weeks since we last posted! GOSH! Where does the time go?!?!

This past month has been fairly busy, but there have been many times of relaxation as well! A normal day in the Shondelmyer home consists of Chris and Kelly working all day, coming home in the evenings, feeding Bella, cleaning up the house, playing with Bella, doing some kind of random house project, having dinner with friends, or whatever else comes our way! Bella has adjusted to our often inconsistent lifestyle very well! She goes with the flow and seems to enjoy the social events and outings that we often go on! She is one social baby, that's for sure! She LOVES being around people!

So, speaking of our favorite subject, what has Bella been up to lately? Well, she has her two (lower) front teeth, so she doesn't need to pray for that for Christmas now! This week, she has been a tad bit irritable, so we know more are about to break through! She doesn't really crawl on all fours persay, but that child can get to what she wants to without one bit of a problem! She does more of a rock on all fours and throw herself forward type of crawl/lunge! It's pretty funny to watch! Overall, she seems to really be enjoying the new skill she's developing and likes to explore all parts of the floor, carpet, lights, cords, fuzz balls, etc.

She will be 9 months old on Sunday! HOLY COW!!! Although we will still have to admit she is the easiest baby ever...she has been going through a bit of a challenging phase this past month....SEPARATION ANXIETY from MOMMY! She used to be fine with anyone at any time, and for the most part, she is...UNLESS....mommy enters the room and then...OH MY! Look out! (Mommy loves that Bella loves her to death and wants her all the time...but even mommy needs a break once in a while!) We are hoping that the separation anxiety doesn't result into her crying when dropped off at the nursery and all, and so far we have been lucky on that end!

Aside from that, Bella just brings us so much joy and laughter! Her faces, her expressions, her sounds...oh...and those IRRESTIBLE BIG OLE BRIGHT eyes, just melt our hearts!

Here is what she have been up to in the last few weeks! Mommy has been taking lots of pictures of her,just alittle slow on posting them! So, enjoy them until the next batch comes!

(There are some videos embedded in the slideshow, so go to our picasa site and check them out!)

We are official Seminary Grads! Here is a look at some of our grad photos from this past weekend. Just one more thing we've been up to this past month!

Oh, and for those that wondered about our last quiz...the answer was "Mommy, have you SEEN her gag reflux!" Let us know how you did!! New quiz to come up soon!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Here are some pictures of Isabella on Easter Sunday morning! Chris captured some great smiles of her in the inpromptu photo shoot!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Marvel at the Gift

Children really are a treasure from the Lord! We are reminded each morning when we wake our little Bella Boo!
Just 7 1/2 months ago, Bella was not yet known to us whether she would be a little baby boy or a little baby girl whether she would look like Daddy or look like Mommy, if her eyes would be blue or green, lots of hair, no hair and so on. Now, looking back over the last almost 8 months, we are just amazed at the precious, sweet baby God had decided to entrust to us here on earth!
As we do our best to capture each moment, each new milestone, we marvel at the precious gift of life...our Isabella Rose.

Click here to play 7 Month Slideshow album:

(if you want to watch the videos embedded into the slideshow, click on the picture and it will take you to our picasa site)

Bella trying to eat some finger foods. She is getting better and better. Again, she is quite the loud little eater...or muncher should I say! She doesn't even need to have something actually MAKE her mouth to show her delight!

Click here to play Slideshow on my Toys, Bathes, and Flowers!

(if you want to watch the videos embedded into the slideshow, click on the picture and it will take you to our picasa site)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lovin' our Little Bella

Okay, so DESPITE the fact that Isabella has decided for no apparent reason the past two nights to start waking us up several times throughout the night when she has been sleeping through the night since 7 weeks of age, we are still just LOVIN' our little Bella Boo!

Seriously, I am just CRAZY about this child! I am not going to make any disclaimers about me being her mom and having to say this or being bias or anything like that, but DANG....this little one is the happiest, sweetest, most lovable little GEM ever! I am so in love with her! There are so many things that just light up my face when I think about her. She has her Daddy's looks through and through, lots of Mommy's personality (the good qualities only I hope!), and a bit of determination and a slight stubbornness that make Chris and I just roll over laughing! We can sit and watch her jump in her jumpster, eat her carrots, sit upright in the middle of the floor playing, sleeping, it doesn't matter....all day long! She entertains us to no end and I KNOW lots of you mommies out there can say the same when you think of your own little kiddos! What fun!
My favorite thing probably is seeing her face when I go and pick her up from the sitter's after work, see her first thing in the morning, get her up from her nap, or watch her interact with her Daddy. All these things just MELT my heart!

I couldn't help but post a few new photos of our little darling for ya! This will make family happy too since I don't post as often as I used to! Enjoy for now!

I'm heading to bed....just in case Bella decides to make it THREE nights in a row...

Bella with her buddy, Lincoln. They had fun playing on the blanket together.

Bella hasn't really had to have a bottle too often expect once during the day when I am at work, but she is really trying to learn to hold it on her own. She usually does really well too! Perhaps if Mommy bought slightly smaller, thinner bottles, this chore wouldn't be so hard! Guess we're just trying to build up those muscles early to ward off the little men!

Mommy likes to put random hats on me while going through the store! Don't worry people...I don't have hair yet to pass on lice!

This is Bella with her Buddy, Kyndal. Bella had her first overnighter, slumber party with Kyndal at the end of February/beginning of March while Chris and I were at a resort here in Arizona. Our dear friend, Nicole, volunteered to give us the night free and take Bella for the night. As luck would have it, Chris and I ended up both getting sick that night and sounded oh so stuffy and congested, so even though we could have had a long nice evening out...we wound up in bed, falling asleep to a movie before 10!

Bonjour my fellow bloggers! J'mappelle Isabella! Cousin Hailey gave me this hand me down outfit and I just love it! Everyone at church thought I was so darn cute! The hat made the outfit for sure and every one called me Frenchie! No, Daddy, it wasn't for any other reason but that I had this hat on! Don't worry...although I do like to give open mouth kisses...its just that I don't know any better yet!

Bella LOVES to sing in the car when I have the radio on! I turned it off for a moment and she didn't say a word, but then I turned it on, reached back (while driving, so bear with the horrible shot), and captured her jabbery little self singing along!

And we'll leave you with this video of our VERY ENTHUSIASTIC EATER! Someone asked if she ate this enthusiastically all the time..and the answer to that is YES! She opens her mouth super wide and dive bombs to the spoon on every bite! ENJOY!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Suprising Hailey and Tasting Carrots

Been a bit since I've posted here...could be cause my sister coherced me into signing up for face book and its been too crazy to think about the blog! However, after being once again reprimended from a certain someone (you know how you are!) Here is an update from the past few weeks!

Bella and I flew out to Ohio for a quick weekend on some saved up miles I had that were going to expire and surprised my family for my little neice, Hailey's, first birthday! Traci and I did this for Travis' 1st birthday, but we weren't sure if we were going ot be able to pull it off for Hailey's, however, expiring airline miles came to the rescue! David (my brother) and sister-in-law Steph came and picked us up at the airport about 12:30am! Traci flew into Cleveland and Bella and I flew into Canton/Akron, so we had to wait a bit till our rides made it back from Cleveland to get us. We stayed at David and Steph's house that night (well, really morning since we didn't go to bed till almost 2!), had breakfast with them and then decided to go surprise Lori first!

When we got to her house, David and Steph took Bella to the front door in the box you see below with tissue paper surrounding her. They rang the door bell and then moved out of the way, so only Bella was there waiting. My brother-in-law, Andrew, peeked out the door and yelled for Lori to come get the door as he saw it was Bella. Lori peeked first and saw the box and thought the delivery guy had opened her package, as I told her to expect a present from Bella to Hailey to arrive Saturday morning. She didn't even realize it was a live baby inside until she opened the door and saw Bella smiling up at her (we are guessing that she was smiling cause that's what she does best, but with as cold as it was, she might have been just been in a frozen shock!). Traci and I then came around the corner driving the car. Having bought mom and dad a web cam for Christmas and then buying all the kids one so they can all see us in AZ and TN, we had Lori go up, call my folks by webcam, and have Bella sitting on her lap! Dad was the closest to the camera, so he saw Lori first. In classic Dad fashion, he goes, "Um, so what are you guys up to? (Lori inserted a comment here about her arms being full and dad continued) "Hum, well that looks like Bella on your lap." Mom came flying up to the camera of course to say hi and within just a short time later they were over at Lori's..go figure!

Aside from Hailey being sick on her first Tinkerbell Birthday party, the weekend was wonderful! Bella saw her first snow (although it was only a light flurry for the most part and nothing really stuck) and she got ample time once again with Mammaw, Pawpaw, Aunts and Uncles, and of course her favorite two cousins!

Click on picture to view web album

Hailey's Party

Last week, we decided to start Bella on some veggies. Having a plethora of carrots in the frig, we decided this would be the first one. I need not say another word about the first experience...the video tells all!

I do enjoy my carrots now...just took me a bit to get use to them!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

6 Months Old and growing like a weed...

Bella had her 6 month appointment today and loved every minute of it...well, almost every moment! She didn't like being poked very much, but other than that, she was pretty darn happy!

Here are her measurements for the latest check-up:
Height: 26 1/2 inches (75%)
Weight: 15 lbs 7 oz (25-50%)
HC: 16 1/2 inches (25-50%)

We have NO CLUE how Bella managed to jump to the 75th % in height with us as parents, but we decided to let her enjoy this moment while it lasts....because, sorry to break it to ya Baby Girl...height is not our families' friend!

My Favorite Doc, Dr. Kanagal!

Here are some other photos from the week that I just couldn't help but post! Enjoy!

Bella thinks she is really hot stuff when Daddy puts her in the Baby Bjourn. She can barely contain her excitement sometimes and just kicks and kicks, and wiggles, and smiles!

She loves falling asleep on Daddy while he watches some TV.

And she loves cuddling with mommy in a sling while mommy works!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Daddy, you hurt my Heart"

Okay, so Bella can't talk yet, but if she could, she'd say something like the header above when Daddy scared her last week. It was so sad, but the facial expressions and the little whimpers are so precious we just had to post them!

Chris was lying on the couch with his knees bent up for Bella to lay against. He raised his head and scared her with some sound he made. She didn't really cry a ton, but she did keep giving him this face over and over. I had time to get it on camera and video, so you can get the idea of how long she kept it up for! It was rather heart-breaking...although we must admit...we couldn't contain our laughter at the little lower lip and the sniffle sounds (Listen closely)!

Click on picture below to play video

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Cereal

What's up, Everybody?! Bella here! Just rocking out on some tummy time! Still haven't really rolled over much more than a few times here and there, but that's because I am taking my time for mommy. Once I get going, I'll be a crazy, rollin' machine...and mommy likes me in this stationary stage! There will be plenty of years of chasing after me, and that I am sure of!

Here is Daddy, Mommy, and me in Tennessee running a booth for a conference we went to for Daddy's work. I played with Aunt Traci in the hotel room, but Mommy and Daddy hung out here most of the time! I think I got the better end of the deal!

This was a favorite shot of me at Christmas time that Mommy never got around to posting. I was watching Daddy making Gingerbread house dough! No, I didn't sit up on the counter the whole time (so don't turn anyone into CPS!) It was just for the photo and Mommy was with in arm's reach away!

Mommy probably told you about her work arrangment where I get to go to a sitter's house for Child care 3 days a week in the morning time. Here I am with my favorite babysitter, Coley, and my buddy, Baylor. Baylor is just over a year old and likes to come up and kiss my forehead alot and cries if I cry! He is very emphatetic! Coley reads to me and plays with me alot. She is really really great! I hope Mommy stays with her for a long time! (The shot below was how Mommy found us last week when she arrived!)

I heard a rumor that people think I'm such a quiet baby, but I want to assure you that I am not! I jabber alot when Mommy is working. I sometimes keep this chattering going for an hour until Mommy finally puts a "cork" (aka. pacifier) in my mouth for some peace and quiet!

Mommy took this video of me when I wake up because she thinks I am so darn adorable and funny! I smile alot when I see her face after my 3 hour afternoon nap! Actually, this one below was after a 3 1/2 hour nap! (And you people, think I keep mommy too occupied all the time....Nope!)

Here I am eating my first rice cereal! At first I was not quite sure what to think, but I knew I should be pretty excited about it because of the smiles and laughs on Mommy's and Daddy's faces! I got the hang of it later on and I even showed off for the camera Mommy had in my face, while Daddy fed me!

Mommy thought I was making sounds like Bob did in the movie "What about Bob?" when he was eating the corn on the cob. I moaned and groaned alot about the wonderful new favors I was encountering! Mommy was making me laugh with her faces while Daddy continued to TRY and keep my attention with the food. Don't tell Mommy, but I think Daddy probably wished Mommy wasn't in the room when he was trying to feed me. She is my greatest distraction...but I don't mind, and I DID manage to eat my whole milked down Tablespoon of cereal after 20+ minutes! (Not sure it took that long, but it felt like it!)

Few more pics from my first meal for ya!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Illness

Bella caught her first nasty bug....sickness bug I am talking about! When in Tennessee for Chris' work conference January 3-8th, Bella started getting really hoarse, raspy and stuffed up. She started coughing pretty bad, had a fever, sneezed alot, and just sounded all together congested. She also was a bit more fussy then usual...or I guess I should say she was fussy at all...normally she never is, so we knew this was out of HER ordinary!

My sister was watching her up in the hotel room for us while at the conference and she told me that she stood in the bathroom with the shower running hot water to force a little steam/heat through Bella's airways to help clear it up/out. Unfortunately, her little body was already exposed!

Thankfully, she was still pretty happy and did not cause too much of a fuss, but her little hoarse cry and voice was quite heartbreaking to listen very very sad for this mommy!

With some medical advice from qualified individuals, we decided to forego a doctor's appointment try and let her ride it out as we figured it was just a virus and the docs would have just told us to do the same things we were already doing. Her fever did break, however, along with the horrible coughing spells, sneezing, runny nose/drainage she had going on, she started wheezing a bit on that following Saturday. I called a triage nurse to tell of the situation and all that had been going on and that the wheezing was something new and causing me to be a bit concerned. I didn't want to be the new, first time mom that took her child in at the slightest sniffle, but the wheezing mixed with the horrible, horrible coughing spells was definitely justification for a phone call! So, at 6:00pm that Saturday (10th), we took Bella to an urgent care facility designed specifically for pediatrics.

We were the only ones there, so we walked right in to get started. Bella's saturation levels were only at 93%, which is not that great and basically can't breath real well! They started her on a breathing treatment of albuterol to clear the airway and see how she would react and if the levels would come up. PRaise the Lord, they did! They came up to 98% after just a few minutes on the machine and stayed consistent. That saved us to an overnight trip to the hospital! WAHOO! The doc called Bella the "Happy Wheezer" because even through it all and the first treatment, she just sat there on Daddy's lap smiling underneath her mask at anyone that came into the room! It was pretty dang cute!

She was diagnosed with bronculitis which is pretty much what bronchitis is for adults, but affects a smaller breathing tree in the lungs for babies. Working hand in hand with that was a left ear infection she got as well. We were given Amoxicilian for the ear infection, and our insurance bought us a new breathing machine that we got to take home and use on Bella for the next week every 4 hours!!! Can you tell how excited we were?!?! :)

Anywho, that was our life for the past week and a half. We tried to start prolonging the breathing treatments as recommended since her wheezing had gone away...or so we thought, but when we went in last Tuesday to our docs, she confirmed that sure, the external wheezing went away, but she was still wheezing internally. BOO! So anywho, we had to move the treatments back to every 4 hours. Chris was a REAL trooper pulling most of the middle of the night treatments at 1am and 5am since I came down with it all too. When I started feeling better, we began swapping back and forth on those treatments until Monday when we ran out of the prescription. DARN! :) Seriously, though, Bella is doing very very well. She hasn't even coughed since last Wednesday and sounds back to her normal self. Bella would normally sleep right through the nighttime treatments even though we had to pick her up and hold her pretty upright. She lost not a wink of sleep that time, but Daddy and I sure did!

I take her into the docs yesterday for a follow-up to the follow-up. I was anticipating a full recovery and that's what I got! Looking forward to longer nights of sleep in the near future for parents!! :)

Here is a sad little picture of her with her mask and treatment going! For the most part she would just sit there on your lap calmly until it finished, but there were a few times when she would cry alot and not want the mask on and would pull at it...but who could blame her?!?

Bella would hold the mask in place herself sometimes! Daddy wanted me to make sure I got it on camera!

Couldn't leave you with a sad little picture of her breathing treatment! A smiley little baby is always better!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Every time I THINK I am going to get ahead on my blog, it seems that life gets in the way and I never have a moment to sit and post! Some of my friends are so good at posting really thoughtful messages about life, challenges they face, new baby accomplishments, travels, etc, but I just never seem to be able to keep up and remember! It has nothing to do with having a baby now to take up all my time and attention because I have to admit...Bella is a piece of cake (really, she is!!) I think it has more to do with the fact that the last thing I want to do when I get off work being around a computer all day is sit on the computer some more!

Alas, I've decided to give up on being the perfect blogger and post when and if I am able...besides, family probably only want to see photos and videos anyway. They could care less about the writing!! :) So for the family out there....enjoy! For the friends, will try and post something meaningful soon!

In the picture above, I joined mommy and daddy on my first trip around the neighborhood to deliver cookies and treats to all of our neighbors! We started a tradition to deliver a goodie bag to all of the people on our street and the street next to us around the corner either for Christmas Eve or New Year's, and I really had a good time! The neighbors all loved me! I was quite the hit...even over the goodies!

Mommy didn't really let me stay up for the ball dropping on New Year's Eve, but I partied hard prior to my slumber! (Thanks for the cool bib, Aunt Lori!)
I got to go to Nashville for Daddy's work conference and Aunt Traci (who lives there) spoiled me! She let me try a peanut! (Okay, so not really! It was all posed for the camera, but before mommy snapped the photo, I did get a very, very quick lick of the salty shell before anyone noticed! I have quick, quick hands and EVERYTHING goes to my mouth instantly!) Doesn't appear that I'm allergic! :)

Here I am with mommy and daddy in Nashville at the Orpyland Hotel where I got to stay! I got good use out of my hat and coat there!

Mammaw and Pawpaw Warner slobbered all over me and my cheeks in Nashville too! As you can tell by my face, I sure didn't mind!

Here I am with Aunt Traci again! She babysat me in the hotel while mommy helped daddy with his work 3 day work conference. We had a really really good time! Aunt Traci said I was the easiest baby she ever watched!

Here are a few pictures of me with mommy's gingerbread house! I just really liked the sugar. Boy, I sure can't wait to get my mouth around that peppermint and those M&Ms soon! I can't take my eyes off of them!

Opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa Shondelmyer on Christmas Day! I actually pulled a few bows here and there!

Here I am soaking up some lovin' from Grandma and Grandpa Shondelmyer on Christmas Eve! Mommy is really good at getting me to smile for pictures!

My first trip to Cabelas. Pawpaw W and Cousin Travis would be so proud!

Daddy bought mommy a new digital camera for her birthday just before Christmas and this was the first shot on it that she took!