Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First Smiles

We have been waiting for Bella to make her first smiles for a few weeks. We love the little involuntary ones she gives when she drifts off to sleep, but we both have been eager to see the little princess crack a real smile on her face based off of our playful interactions. Here are two little clips that mommy caught of her very first smiles!
Bella has found her thumb (and whole hand at times) and loves to suck on it while waiting for food, after eating, or just anytime really! We couldn't help but record a few clips of her making the little sucking noises!

One of the hardest things for Chris right now in this stage of Bella's life is trying to manage play time with the little one, yet also get in his studying and reading for his two seminary classes. Bella is all about supporting Daddy in his education, so she likes to join him in his nightly snooz...I mean read!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6 Week Photos

Daddy took some photos of me this week when I turned 6 weeks old! Look how big I am getting!

Here is a comparison picture they took of me when I was just a day old and now that I am over a month old. It will be fun to see how big I get compared to my little doggie.

Diving Head First into the Parenthood Party

Well, it seems that Miss Isabella does not want us to feel left out on all the types of parenthood fun that there seems to be. She officially initiated us into the parenthood party last week when she decided to give us a little extra coloring and texture all along and down our wall when Chris was changing her. No, we are not talking about just the liquid delight, we are talking about a whole plethora of poo!

Yep, that's right. Bella decided to take advantage of daddy having her legs raised in the air as he tried to replace her diaper, but alas, he was too slow! Next thing we knew was that there was a path of poo from her changing table to the wall...leaving no victims behind. Daddy, having more of a tolerance for gross things, took on most of the clean-up duty, so mommy's gag reflexes could get under control!

Yes, it was gross. Yes it was messy...but oh man, you should have seen the look on both of our faces....it was down right funny!

I will spare you all from showing any pictures of that special surprise, but do want you to see my little beauty over the past week!

Here are some photos/videos of her time with mommy at home:

In fine fashion like her mommy in the morning, Bella does not like to wake up! We go through probably 5-10 minutes of stretching before we like to open our eyes!

Loving her kisses from mommy...or at least we think she does!

Trying to Roll over...I almost got it!

I was all decked out for daddy in this outfit with balloons and all surrounding me when he came home from seminary class on Saturday! His birthday was the 20th (Saturday) and mommy and I wanted to make it special for him! Mommy let me invite over all of my friends and we had a great time eating pie and ice cream all night long!
Family Photo Time! These are the first of many to come, we are sure!

Making a funny face, but so cute anyway!

Daddy's Girl

Mommy's Little Angel

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bath Time, Tummy Time, and some Friends

Okay, so I know nursury pictures were to come next, but mommy has been snapping pictures of me with her little digital like crazy and she wanted to get them off of her memory card for more room!
Here are some of her favorites:

Meet some of my Church Friends!Nica, Ada, and Evie Johnson

Kyndal Minnick and Braden Harmon

I LOVE BATHTIME, especially in my new tub! (Thanks, Aunt Traci, Lori and Steph). Daddy is really good at getting me all nice and clean! He talks with me alot and puts really good smelling oils and lotions on me afterwards! When my hair is wet, it gets kind of curly like mommy's. In fact, I have the curl swirl in the middle of my forehead like mommy did when she was a baby! She'll have to post a photo of that soon so you can compare!

Bath Time Video with Daddy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Aunt Traci and Uncle Dave! I love you!

Monday, September 8, 2008

One Month Old!

Well, despite the fact that according to the docs I should only be 7 days old today since my due date was last week, I am officially one month old now! Look how big I am!

At my one month appointment, I weighed 9 lbs 5 oz and was 21 inches long. That puts me in the 50th % for both. My head circumference was in the 5-10%, so it looks like it won't outgrow my body any time soon! I have a bit of cradle cap and some baby acne trying to clear up, but hopefully with this new lotion mommy got me, it will be all better soon!

Mommy and Daddy love to stare at me and mommy goes camera happy while daddy is away all day at work! She takes random video of me too! Here I am trying to roll over already! It won't be long till I get this little body on the move, then there is no stopping me!

I have already been to church twice and love to have wake time with mommy and then fall asleep on her chest. Daddy often gives me my baths and then has "Daddy Doodie" of changing my diapers! He loves that job and I've only squirted him a few times...yep, girls can shoot, too, just not with as good of aim!

Mommy thinks its funny to see me when I am really really hungry! She took this video when I woke up ready to eat! I know that she is around because I know her scent (or at least the scent of milk), but I can't quite figure out why there is no milk coming out of her arm! I have also discovered my thumb and enjoy sucking on it until I get fed! I am a good eater (like Daddy) and a GREAT sleeper....thanks for passing on that gene mommy!

Daddy has a hard time letting me cry (and who can blame him, I'm pretty darn cute!), so he sneaks in alot to my room, which I have been sleeping in for the past week by myself, and often picks me up or rocks me...but don't tell mommy or she'll make him stop! :0) (Mommy has a hard time sometimes too during the day and does the same, but don't tell Daddy, he'd make her stop!)

I have meet some of my extended family and am anxious to meet many others in the up coming months as I continue to grow and get big! Keep checking back! Mommy will post pictures of my pretty nursury next!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

It's hard to imagine, but if Baby Isabella came when the docs said she was due, she would not have come till TOMORROW! Chris and I thought about that last night and how weird that would have been to not have met our little princess yet!
(Isabella and Cousin Hailey)
Our labor day guests sure are glad she came early though! Kelly's oldest sister, Traci, and mom were to come in on Friday night. Only come to find out, Chris had been conspiring with them to surprise her with the arrival of her other sister, Lori, too, and her little neice, Hailey! Kelly was home waiting for Chris to arrive to mingle with friends that so graciously brought us dinner. He told Kelly that he had to run a work errand, which did not make her very happy knowing guests were coming by.
Needless to say, Chris arrived home just minutes before the guests were heading out the door. He gave his hugs and said hello. Minutes later, the doorbell rang. Kelly was partially annoyed by yet another interruption. Chris opened the door and there stood Kelly's sister, Lori, and Hailey her neice! You should have seen Kelly's expression! I think her mouth dropped to the floor as far as it would go and stayed that way for several minutes! (Chris was lucky to escape the doghouse this time with the wonderfu surprise! HA!)

Later that night, Traci and Mom arrived and Chris managed to make it through the entire weekend with 6 ladies around! We had a wonderful time shopping, playing with babies, and just hanging out and relaxing! Bella got to meet her first cousin and anticipates meeting Travis soon! Check out Chris' Picasa site for some photos of the weekend! Below are a few of my favorites!

(Mam'ma and her baby girls!)

(Daddy and His Princess)

(Cousin Hailey testing out Bella's towels!)

(Yeah, Finally some clothes that fit..well, almost!)