Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August Update

WOW!!! Since APRIL???? I haven't posted on here since APRIL?!?! OPPS! Life happens I guess! Although its not a recap of the entire summer, here are some pics of the little cuties in August!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010

Oh the joys it is to have two little ones! I am definitely not used to saying "the girls" or "my girls" yet! It sounds weird to think I have two..and two girls at that, but we love the little munchkins to death...even though #2 is quite the handful!!!

Elaina has really taken on a whole new look lately. I used to think she looked like Bella, but now...not so sure! It might just be the super round face, chubby cheeks, and LOADS of dark hair, but she is definitely looking quite different than Bella did at this age. I have been meaning still to post some pics of Bella at this stage and will do in order to compare, but the more Elaina grows, the more I think they look nothing alike! We'll see! I might surprise myself after I have side by sides posted!

Here are some pictures from Easter 2010, a visit from my sister, and some other 'round the house randoms! ENJOY!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Elaina Faye

So a little lazy on the blog lately, but here are a few pics of little Elaina for you all to enjoy until the next time I have time or energy to write an update on our baby girls! The last one is a video of Bella and Pawpaw. Enjoy!

As soon as I get a chance, I'll add a few side by side pics of the two munchkins so you can all answer for yourselves the question I get DAILY...does Lainy look like Bella?!

Stay tuned and you be the judge!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hide n Go Seek

Bella often sprints around the house and hides from us! Its amazing the little tiny areas she can fit and squeeze herself into! No spot is left unturned as you can see by the video below!

You may need to click on the picture below and go to our Picasa site to view the video. There are 10 others on there too if you need a Bella fix!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pregnancy Comparison and Quiz

Okay, we are in the final weeks before Baby S #2 debuts, so I thought I'd post some comparison photos from when I was pregnant with Bella and open up a new quiz to determine if you all think #2 will be a boy or a girl. Remember, more than 68% of you said #1 was a boy and it was a baby girl, so answer wisely!! :0)

Here are a few other details to help you in your guessing perhaps:

1. As far as the overall pregnancy is concerned, both pregnancies have been VERY similar.

2. Baby S #2 moves and kicks much more frequently and rapidly than Baby #1 did. Baby 1 had hard, slow, forceful kicks. Baby 2 is a rapid fire kicker.

3. Baby S #1 lodged self up under Mommy's ribs. BAby 2 stays lower and belts in on Mommy's bladder!

4. I had no cravings really with either pregnancy, but with Baby 1 I loved to eat meat, potatoes or anything that I could dip something else in. With Baby 2, I have a tad bit of a sweet tooth, but nothing out of the ordinary. I drink a TON more water, though!

5. I don't remember being as uncomfortable sitting with Baby #1 for long periods of time at my desk as I do with Baby #2.

6. Baby S #1's heartrate was always between 146-148 at all appointments until we were in the hospital when it went up to 156 the whole time. Baby S #2's heart rate was 128 at the first appointment, 170 at the second, and then has been anywhere between 142-148 for the rest of the appointments, mostly settling around 145/6.

Okay, there you go! Hope that helps you as you decide! Vote on the poll in the right hand column!