Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Season 2008

I had EVERY intention to get Bella's Christmas photos up BEFORE Christmas, but alas....the blog slipped my mind! However, since its still during the Christmas Season and BEFORE New Year's Day, figured late was better than never!

Merry Christmas! Love Bella

The Shondelmyer Family wishes you a VERY MERRY Christmas and a Wonderful start to your New Year!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

4 Months Old!

Beleive it or not, Isabella turned 4 months old today! We celebrated by going to the doctor's office to her second round of shots! After a brief moment of crying, she got over the shock of the needle and is recovering very well! :0) Needless to say, her two afternoon naps have been over 2 hours each! (Hints why I have so much time to post today!!) Lucky you!

Now, for her measurements.....

Weight: 13 lbs 7 oz (50th%)
Height: 24 Inches (50th%)
Head Circum: 16 Inches (50th%)

Doc says she is one heathly, strong little kiddo! Yea!

This is Bella's new found trick. In the past 3 days, she has obviously realized she has a tongue. She doesn't know its rude yet to stick her tongue out at people, so for those offended, we are so very sorry! :0)

Just hanging out watching mommy work!

I helped mommy and daddy this past weekend at an event for under privileged families within four school districts in downtown Phoenix. I was dressed up in my Christmas garb and helped mommy pass out presents to all the families! I sure looked cute and I was so good the entire time! Mommy wore me in a sling and I just hung out, fell asleep and smiled at everyone!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Time Flies when you are having fun!

This is Bella all dressed up in her "Turkey Brown" for her very first Thanksgiving! She was having a ball!

Bella loves to pose for the camera and has the cutest little reactions to things!

Thanks to a friend that volunteered to babysit for Bella while Chris and I took a date night out, here is Bella in her "little black dress" thanks to Aunt Stephie!

Having a hay day on her playmate after her very first roll!

What?!!? You think I'm going to do it for you again now that you are watching daddy?!? I think not!

Still love to sleep and still love my thumb! Mommy couldn't help but sneek in and take a few photos!

I fall asleep on the mat behind mommy while she works in all sorts of positions!
Who's that cutie in the mirror? Also, notice the bald spot on the back of my head! I wore away my hair!

I may live in a big city, but I'm a country girl at heart in my little overalls!
My cries often look like laughs, but don't let me kid ya! I was downright fussin'!

Just lounging in the Phoenix sun on my safari blanket

Pretending to watch TV after I got done eating! Mommy thought I was way too cute just sitting there!

My first wedding! Congrats, Michael and Anneliese! I had a good time celebrating with mommy, daddy, and you guys on such a special day! Thanks, Cousin Hailey for the loan on my wedding outfit!

Again, mommy just thought I looked cute or something!