Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stairs and Binky

Thanks to Aunt Traci who taught me over Memorial Day while in Colorado for Mommy and Daddy's 5th anniversary, I now know how to climb stairs! Here are a few of my friends (my own personal fan club, really) to cheer me on!!! I was a bit startled by their excitment for me, but loved it anyway!

Here are a few pics from this last week. Mommy just can't keep the camera off of me! She thinks I am growing so fast and obviously doesn't want to miss a moment! Here I am being a bit mischevious! I crawled back to my room while mommy was folding laundry in her room and this is where and how she found me. I actually JUST crawled out from under neath the lamp shelf behind me! Yep, I was all the way underneath it! Mommy thought it was so funny seeing me sit there, but I had already crawled out by the time she came back with the camera!

My church buddies (Sonni and Ricki Larson and Ada, Nica, and Evelyn Johnson)

This is me in a big person pool for the very first time. I LOVED it! It was late in the evening, but I didn't seem to mind the cooler temp nor the dark sky! Daddy got a kick out of me acting like a dolphin in the water!

Drying off with Mommy!

And last, but not least...here is a video hot off the press as of a few hours ago! I love my binky so much that I'll retrieve it no matter WHERE it is found! :0)