Thursday, July 31, 2008

Daddy S working hard for Baby's Arrival

As previously mentioned in one of our family newsletters, Chris has been working very hard on all sorts of projects in order to get ready for the arrival of our little one. Here are a few snapshots of his hard work on the nursery!

My mom and Chris painted the nursey back in January when my parents were out in AZ visiting after we first broke them the news! Chris later put up the White Wainscoat to complete the look. Two walls are green and two are yellow. It looks great!

So, it may be a combination of being cheap or resourceful, we aren't sure, but we decided to buy our crib and changing table/dresser off of Craig's list and refinish them both ourselves. Thanks to alot of help from Chris' parents, we were able to complete this project in far less time than anticipated!

Sanding down the Crib! Very tedious job for sure!

Don't let him fool you...he enjoyed every minute of the fun project being outdoors in 105 degree temps! :) Wouldn't you?!

I'll have to find before and after photos so you can see how incredible the work really was that went into this HUGE undertaking of these two projects!

After a new facelift, makever, and new hardware, the dresser/changing table was ready to go in the baby room and yet another project was crossed off Chris' list!

The nursery is almost set up and ready to go. Photos of that should be posted this coming week, we hope!

Pregnancy Progress Photos

Our good friends took pictures throughout their entire pregnancy, so we decided to do the same! Its been fun to see baby grow before the camera len!

Only a few more weeks to go!

Will Baby S hold out for 4-5 more weeks?!?!

First Load of Baby Laundry!

In my attempt not to be a slacker, I took a photo last night of our very first load of baby laundry to post! Felt kind of weird folding all those little things and it was DEFINITELY the most pastel/neutral load of laundry I've ever done in my life! Couldn't help but post a shot of the little load! Makes us get more and more excited for the little ones arrival soon!

We may be behind in posting photos here, but check out Chris' Picasa Website and you'll see a ton of photos...including ones from our recent family vacation! ENJOY!

As soon as I get everything back in its drawer and put together, I'll send out nursery photo updates! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Wow! Just a few weeks ago I was finishing my seminary classes and planning to post on our website, but yet again, the time has FLOWN by and I find myself setting here on July 30th with not one update or photo of our baby room or on Baby S! Guess I am learning early not to promise to have something on here or posted due to life with a little one on the way....the problem is that baby isn't even here yet! Oh man, not a good start!

Tomorrow is a new day. Perhaps I"ll get some photos of the nursery or pregnancy progress up here soon! Stay tuned....this site will eventually be worthwhile...we promise! :0)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Seminary Almost Over!!!

I know, I know...we got our blog up, I leave the country, Chris gets busy, we both get sick, and then no one writes! SORRY! Its been a crazy last few weeks since I've been back from Moldova, but give me one more crazy week and I promise we'll get some photos and pictures up and talk about life and baby a bit more!

I have one more seminary exam to take on Monday or Tuesday of next week, so please pray that I can read fast, retain much, study hard, and complete well! After I am completed with my seminary degree early next week, more updates will be on their way!!

Thanks for your patience!!