Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pregnancy Comparison and Quiz

Okay, we are in the final weeks before Baby S #2 debuts, so I thought I'd post some comparison photos from when I was pregnant with Bella and open up a new quiz to determine if you all think #2 will be a boy or a girl. Remember, more than 68% of you said #1 was a boy and it was a baby girl, so answer wisely!! :0)

Here are a few other details to help you in your guessing perhaps:

1. As far as the overall pregnancy is concerned, both pregnancies have been VERY similar.

2. Baby S #2 moves and kicks much more frequently and rapidly than Baby #1 did. Baby 1 had hard, slow, forceful kicks. Baby 2 is a rapid fire kicker.

3. Baby S #1 lodged self up under Mommy's ribs. BAby 2 stays lower and belts in on Mommy's bladder!

4. I had no cravings really with either pregnancy, but with Baby 1 I loved to eat meat, potatoes or anything that I could dip something else in. With Baby 2, I have a tad bit of a sweet tooth, but nothing out of the ordinary. I drink a TON more water, though!

5. I don't remember being as uncomfortable sitting with Baby #1 for long periods of time at my desk as I do with Baby #2.

6. Baby S #1's heartrate was always between 146-148 at all appointments until we were in the hospital when it went up to 156 the whole time. Baby S #2's heart rate was 128 at the first appointment, 170 at the second, and then has been anywhere between 142-148 for the rest of the appointments, mostly settling around 145/6.

Okay, there you go! Hope that helps you as you decide! Vote on the poll in the right hand column!


Angie Kay said...

I think it is a boy. Not only because you're showing differently, but also because it seems that everyone right now that I know who is having thier second child is having the opposite sex of the one before

kelli said...

I am going to say boy...seems they tend to sit lower and beat the crap out of your bladder and very active...there you go

Chitwoods said...

"Boy" are you in for it! M&A

Tara said...

Fun! I vote boy because a lot of your baby #2 pregnancy symptoms are similar to mine and I had a boy. :)

ron said...

Papa Warner says it's a Boy!