Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010

Oh the joys it is to have two little ones! I am definitely not used to saying "the girls" or "my girls" yet! It sounds weird to think I have two..and two girls at that, but we love the little munchkins to death...even though #2 is quite the handful!!!

Elaina has really taken on a whole new look lately. I used to think she looked like Bella, but now...not so sure! It might just be the super round face, chubby cheeks, and LOADS of dark hair, but she is definitely looking quite different than Bella did at this age. I have been meaning still to post some pics of Bella at this stage and will do in order to compare, but the more Elaina grows, the more I think they look nothing alike! We'll see! I might surprise myself after I have side by sides posted!

Here are some pictures from Easter 2010, a visit from my sister, and some other 'round the house randoms! ENJOY!

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